All About Real Estate in Eugene, Oregon

Local Real Estate in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon has been steadily growing in the past years as it has become Oregon’s third largest city in the state.  People have been moving to Eugene because of the desirable and affordable real estate opportunities. Eugene offers entertainment, sporting events, and seasonal outdoor activities no matter the location.  Being a real estate agent in Eugene is a busy job right now because the market is great for both buyers and sellers. Below are a few reasons how a local Eugene real estate company can help you find the right home.  

Local Market

Working in Eugene as a realtor is not the same as a realtor working in a much larger city like Portland.  Eugene is sometimes thought of as a small college town even though the city has been growing rapidly for several years.   Realtors who have grown up in Eugene often succeed because they understand the market better than anyone.  They have either lived in, or nearby many of the neighborhoods that they are covering as a real estate agent in Eugene. This type of familiarity with the market can be a huge advantage for realtors connecting buyers to their next home, or assisting sellers who are eager to move and make a profit.  

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Eugene, then we would recommend seeking a local Eugene real estate company rather than a bigger corporation.  The relationship between a local eugene realtor and their buyer or seller can make the difference in the overall experience of buying and selling a home.

Family Neighborhoods

Eugene is a great place to raise a family.  It has the feel of a small college town with all the buzz that the University of Oregon creates in sports, yet is a large enough city to always have something to do.  There is really not a bad neighborhood in Eugene to raise a family.  Based on the market, there are a handful of neighborhoods that young families with children are frequently seeking to move into.  Here are a few neighborhoods in Eugene that our real estate agents are known to be working with young families

  • South Eugene Hills
  • Hawthorne Estates
  • Goodpasture Island Loop
  • Hidden Creek Estates
  • River Pointe
  • Laurel Hill
  • Whiteaker
  • Fox Hollow
  • Cal Young

These neighborhoods are known to feed into quality school districts and have a great family feel to them.  Although these neighborhoods are desirable locations for most clients working with a Eugene realtor, they are not the only areas that are suitable for young families seeking a new home.  Once you start working with a real estate company in Eugene, you’ll quickly find that you’ll have plenty of locations to choose from that can meet your needs.

Buying Advice from our Eugene Realtors

Buying a home in Eugene may feel overwhelming, but our local Eugene realtors are here to help! It’s best to build a checklist of all wants and needs when preparing to buy a home in Eugene, OR. Here are a few things that you should include in your checklist

  • Suburban, urban or rural
  • Desired neighborhoods
  • Commute to work
  • Commute to school
  • Commute to airport
  • Proximity to restaurants & retailers
  • Proximity to major sporting events
  • Proximity to hiking, biking etc
  • Length of time you plan to live in your home

This is just the beginning to building your checklist.  This information will help your local realtor in Eugene find the right location/neighborhood that meets most of the items on your checklist.  Real estate agents should also use this list to find multiple houses that fit your criteria, that way you have the option to choose which property fits your wants and needs the most. 

Selling Advice from our Eugene Realtors

Selling your home is a big decision for most homeowners.  There are several things homeowners must consider before putting their house on the market.  Here are a few different ways to get you started on the right path towards successfully selling your home in Eugene.

Establishing Goals

Having an objective is important and should be considered before putting your house on the market.  Knowing what the seller wants to accomplish with the sale of their home is important not just for the real estate agent, but also for the client as well.  Once the Eugene real estate agent and client clearly understand the objective of the sale, the agent can begin to strategize how to market the home in order to meet the client’s goals for selling.

Determine Your Price

Once the objective for selling the house is defined, the next step for the realtor and client is to determine a fair selling price.   In order to list the home at a fair price, the realtor and client must consider the condition of the house, the location that it’s in, comparable homes in the neighborhood, and the overall status of the current market. These are all important aspects that we as real estate agents in Eugene factor into listing a house.   

Staging Your Home

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home and it’s time to put it on the market, sellers should seriously consider having their home professionally staged. Staging a home is extremely important to the success of the sale.  It’s best for clients to first have their house deep cleaned by professionals, and to declutter their living space, bedrooms, closets, garage etc. 

Having a clean and tidy house will do wonders when professional real estate photographers come in to take pictures for the listing.  Also having professional decorators stage your home can showcase each room’s functionality and flow by rearranging the furniture.  Removing an abundance of personal effects can allow for the buyer to personally envision their life in your home, rather than feeling like an outsider who is just visiting. 

In our experience as real estate agents in Eugene, it’s best to declutter and depersonalize the home in order for buyers to get a clear vision for what their future home will look like.  The most profitable homes that are sold are ones that showcase great functionality and flow, natural lighting, storage space, and beautiful landscape both front yard and backyard.  Staging experts can help accomplish this whether you are selling a vacant home or currently living in the house. 

Final Advice from Eugene Realtors

Buying or selling your home in Eugene can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be! This is a huge milestone for many people as it represents new beginnings for one party and having closure for another. To reduce the stress it’s best to work with local Eugene realtors who will prioritize your time and needs throughout the process.  Having a realtor who is from a local real estate company will make for a more personal relationship between client and realtor.  It’s also important to be patient throughout the process as the real estate market in Eugene can fluctuate from time to time.  If you feel like you won’t ever find the right house, or your home just won’t sell, don’t panic! An experienced realtor will know what type of adjustments to make and when to make them in order for you to achieve your goals during the home buying or selling process.