Eugene Science Center: A Must-See Attraction in Oregon

The Eugene Science Center is a must-see attraction if you’re looking for a fun and educational activity in Eugene, Oregon. This science museum offers exhibits and activities perfect for people of all ages. Whether you’re interested in learning about outer space or dinosaurs, the Eugene Science Center has something for everyone. Visit this link for more information.

One of the highlights of the Eugene Science Center is the planetarium. This state-of-the-art facility offers shows that are both educational and entertaining. Visitors can learn about the night sky, constellations, and other astronomical phenomena. The planetarium also hosts special events throughout the year, so check their calendar before visiting. Read about Alton Baker Park in Eugene, OR: A Beautiful Place to Spend a Day Outdoors here.

Another popular exhibit at the Eugene Science Center is the dinosaur exhibit. This hands-on exhibit lets visitors get up close and personal with some of history’s most fascinating creatures. Kids will love learning about these prehistoric beasts, and adults will appreciate the museum’s attention to detail.

It is open every day from nine to five in the evening. Admission is just ten dollars for adults and six dollars for children, making it an excellent value for families. Discounts are available for groups of fifteen or more, so check with the center before visiting.